Container Liner Sea Bulk Solutions -- ABS Plastic

2023-04-14 16:35 admin
For the diverse SEA BULK package and transportation requirement of the ABS PLASTIC customer, Anthente team designed a tailor SeaBulk Liner (Container Liner) that has been successfully batch used in Engineering plastics, Like ABS,PC,PBT,PA,PVA resin etc.
At the filling site, our teams provide guidance on installation and loading to ensure that the end-user use the Container Liner to transport their ABS plastics efficiently and safely. During the process of installation and loading,Anthente provide experienced and tailor SOP and suggestions base on the ABS particle size(density), fluidity, cleanliness and hygiene requirements for packaging, Also the condition of LOADING hopper and destination DISCHARGING facility.The FILLING process was very smooth,which increase the customer's trust for our SEA BULK LINER.
Anthente LINER design give a high security and a higher efficiency to filling and discharging the RESIN/PLASTIC particles.Our HEAT-SEALING technology to achieve LINER BODY 100% tightness  and without impurity. To keep cleanliness and waterproof.
ANTHENTE--BULK TRANSPORTATION PACKAGING specialized in providing a Integrated BULK PACKAGE and LOGISTIC SOLUTION. Acting as a package supplier to service the world's TOP500 and LEADING company in CHEMICAL and FOOD industries. Like SEA BULK LINER, BIG BAG and others.