Carbon Black--20ft PE SeaBulk Liner Solution

2022-12-14 17:29 admin

Anthente PE SeaBulk Liner has been widely used in CARBON BLACK industry. In order to guide end-user and improve the safety and efficiency in using this design Liner Bag And play the advantages of CONTAINER LINER solution in bulk powder, Anthente technical service teams provide professional visual installation and loading guidance services.

During installation, we stressed the importance of the inspection of the Container’s wall and floor.Our teams point out the critical and attentive process for hanging up Liner and handling for reinforcement system(Door Bulkhead,support Steel Bar,bottom Bar security).We communicate with the operators and training them step by step.We also recorded the operator’s requirements for improvement, and give our corresponding suggestions.

During loading, according to this customer's existing loading platform and facility, combined with other service experiences, our teams emphasized the attention point before loading; In this process, it need pay attention and adjust the filling speed and pressure according to the status of the Liner body’s blowing.We list the possible issues and corresponding measure to guide the filling process.

For this project,we specialized in designing and manufacturing the LINER BAG depending on this customer's requirement for bulk shipment solution, current filling and discharging facility.
This professional training of installing and loading, our SeaBulk Liner design and high standard services have been approval by customers, and open a good beginning a for long-term cooperation in the future.