Anthente Flexitank—— COA Rail Impact Testing 2022

2022-09-23 11:00 admin

Congratulation......Anthente FLEXITANK have passed the Rail Impact Testing under the new standard PAS1008:2016 for Flexitank audited by COA(Container Owners Association).which was the 3rd passing the Impact Test.
This is a very import sign for one Flexitank manufacturer to guarantee the Flexibag in good quality and safe to meet the Flexitank industry and customers' requirement.
COA Rail Impact Testing was organized by COA and process by approval testing centre,which is important and basic requirement for the Flexitank to loading and ship the Non-hazardous liquid in the 20ft Container in safety.
And the Testing successful give the Flexitank end-user as a reference to choose the Flexitank manufacturer The global Shipping Line Company have a standard to see and approval the Flexitank can load their Vessel or not. 
Anthente--Specialized in Flexitank since from 2010.We supply our Flexitank and Bulk Liquid Solution to many global TOP500 Enterprises.