Anthente,since from 1998. We had more than 20 year experience for design and manufacturing the Flexible Bulk Packaging and solution for bulk transportation.Including Container Liner,Flexitank,FIBC(Bulk Bag),Paper Bag, PLA Film and Packaging etc...

Anthente holds "Low carbon and environment" civilization and takes action China government "Carbon neutral", We always focus on research how to use the PLA materials with the bulk transportation packaging. The PLA film/materials can be bio-gradable completely under the soil without any polution for atmosphere,water and soil. Widely used in manufacturing the agricultural mulch Film,shopping bag,garbage bag etc...

We holds many paterns and the PLA materials/packaging are approval by China testing certer,EC certificates.

Bio-degradable Container Liner

PLA Film SeaBulk Liner

The PLA Film Container Liner is a water-proof to meet a clean and sanitary protection space to fill the Cargo. PLA materials can be save the recyling cost and bio-gradable in Soil without polution. 

Application:Powder is difficult to clear and other materials high request for environment protection.
Chemicals: PET,PBT,PC,PP,PE,PTA,PVC,PS,PAM, Carbon Black, Alumina,Catalyst...
Foods: Flour,Sugar,Salt,Milk,Coffee bean,Malt,Rice, Soybean,Feeds...

Bio-degradable Flexitank

Bio-Degradable PLA Flexitank

To environmental protection,We always use the environment friendly materials. Anthente is the first company to use the Bio-gradable film for Flexitank. Which the Bio-degradable Film can be degradable in the soil without any pollution to Air, Soil and Water.


Technical Date
1. Volume:14000~24000L
2. Temperature resistant: -20~60℃.

Construction:1 layer bio-gradable Film

                       2 layer PE Film.

                       1 payer outer PP Tubular Woven.


Bio-degradable IBC Liner

PLA Film IBC Liner

Depending on Customer and Cargo requirment, we can design the PLA IBC Liner as a protection bag suitable for Paper IBC Tank,Plasitc Tank,Steel IBC Tank etc...including the bulk liquid packaging and transportation solution.


-- Loading Capacity: 250~1500 liters
-- Max Loading Temperature: 110℃
-- Structure:  
  1) Materials: 2 layers PLA 
  2) 2" inch Valve, Top loading and bottom     

  3) Square shape or Pillow shape


Materials:PLA Film


Bio-degradable FIBC Liner


The PLA bio-degradable FIBC Liner is equiped in the PP Bulk Bag to load the Cargo which are high-request for the food grade,clean and hygeian. 

Construction:Tubular, U-Panel, 4 Panels, 

Hanger:Cross Strap, Corner Strap, Bottom Strap, 


Application Products:
Chemicals:PTA,PP,PE,PET,PC,PBT,PS,PA,PAM,Alumina, Carbon Black,Fertilizer,Kaolin,Catalyst.

Foods:Grains(Flour,Starch,Wheat,Malt,Corn), Beans(Soybean,Coffee,Cocona,Nuts),Sugar,Salt, Feed,Seed.



Bio-gradable PLA process

Certificates for PLA materials