Anthente,since from 1998. We had more than 20 year experience for design and manufacturing with 140,000 bags per month. Our plant was approval ISO9001 management system and BRC, FSSC2200 and China QS food grade Certificates and supply Bulk Bag(FIBC) to the Markets of North America,Europe,Australia etc.
      Currently,We supply our Bulk Bag to many global TOP 500 company,like Exxonmobil, BP, Indorama, Yisheng, Willmar, Cargill, Nestle etc...Industries including Chemical,Agriculture and Food industries.
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Alu-Plastic Liner Bag

Alu-Plasitic Liner Bag

Alu-Plastic Liner bag made by aluminum-plastic composite film with high oxygen resistance, It can be fitted in high strength PP Fabric Bulk Bag/ IBC Paper Bag/ IBC Tank/ Paper Box and other containers.

The designed was customized for Energy Battery Materials, Fine Chemical Resins, Bio-degradable materials, Medicine and other products.

Alu-plastic liner Construction:

3 or 4 layers composite film, Thickness: 90-180u
Aluminum Foil: 6.5mic, 7mic, 9mic, 10mic, 12mic etc.
Metallized PET: 8mic, 10mic, 12mic etc.
LDPE: 20-25mics
Composite strength:>30N/15mm
Reflective: 97%
Sealing Line strength: >60N/15mm

Applications:Loading products: Battery Materials, Bio-degradable materials (PLA PBAT), Nylon PA6/PA66, PET Resin, Cyanuric Chloride and other Fine Chemicals, Medicine etc.



Bulk Bag with Alu-Plastic Liner

     Bulk Bag with Alu-Plastic Liner

The Aluminum Film barrier Big bags are an effective solution to protecting the product in particular is hygro-scopic materials that require protection from moisture and oxygen ingress(by reflecting up to 95% of radiant energy).


Inner Liner:Aluminium Foil barrier.
Outer Woven:PP Fabric with high strength

Application: Energy battery materials, Circuit board,Electronic com component,medicine etc...


 Thermal Container Liner(ETL)

  Thermal Container Liner(ETL)

Thermal Container Liners /Thermal Sea bulk liners are used in the process of cargo transportation to have the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, dust resistance, shock resistance, and corrosion resistance, so as to protect the goods from high temperature and humid environments. The design can be customized according to customer requirements.

Thermai Liner(ETL) Usage:
Loading products: Red wine (bottled or barreled), Fruit juice (bottled), Mineral/Pure water (bottled or barreled), Medicine,Chemical Resin(PA,PA66,PET etc.),Bio-degradable materials, Paint (bottled or barreled) and other products that are easy to volatilize and absorb moisture.

Thermai SeaBulk Liner  advantages1. Heating reflection, heating insulation, anti-radiation (reduce the radiation by about 95%)

2. Moisture-proof, sun-proof, waterproof, well sealed
3. Excellent heat insulation performance, corrosion resistance, soft and easy to fold, low cost.


High-barrier Flexitank

High-barrier Flexitank
The Wine Flexitank is a system specially designed for bulk wine transportation.Compared with traditional flexitank, it enjoys the superior performance in oxygen resistance, high standard hygiene and enduring security for the wine quality.


OTR<0.40cc/m²/24 hrs 23 °C 50%R.H.
Red wine, Juice and other require high barrier for Oxygen.


Square IBC Liner

Square IBC Liner
Depending on Customer and Cargo requirment, we can design the IBC Film Liner as a protection bag suitable for Paper IBC Tank,Plasitc Tank,Steel IBC Tank etc...including the bulk liquid packaging and transportation solution.


-- Loading Capacity: 250~1500 liters
-- Max Loading Temperature: 110℃
-- Structure:  
  1) Materials: 2 layers Film
  2) 2" inch Valve, Top loading and bottom discharging
  3) Square shape.
Application Products
Energy battery materials, Circuit board,Electronic com component,medicine etc...




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