We are COA Quality Compliance(CQC) Manufactuer and Membership since from 2012. Our Flexitank passed the AAR Rail Impact testing by COA's instruction. And approval by Maersk,MSC,COSCO,Hapag-Lloyd,APL,CMA-CGM,Evergreen Shipping Lines etc.

The Composite Design Flexitank convert a standard 20ft Sea Container into a 14000~24000L bulk liquid transportation system. This food grade flexitank is suitable for the carriage of most types of non-hazardous liquids.

Our Flexitank is constructed of three or four independent food grade 3-ply co extruded PE Film tubular and a rugged,abrasion resistant outer woven PP protection.It is capable of shipping up to 24,000 liters of bulk liquid.

    Food Grade Flexitank

       Palm Oil, Cooking Oil, Olive Oil, Syrup, Water, Sobitol

Food Grade Flexitank specialized in Food Liquid Cargo,All raw materials and production process meet the global food grade standard(FDA and EU).Inluding purchasing,storage and production line.We have approval by FSSC22000,HACCP,KOSHER,HALLA and China QS license.

Till now,We have supplied our Flexitank and Service to Willmar,Cargill,Luhua,Nestle,ADM and China COFCO.

Application: Cooking Oil,Olive Oil,Palm Oil, Syrup, Water, Sobitol,Soy,Vineger oil,Saki, Additives


   Chemicals Liquid Flexitank

     Plasticizer,Latex,Fatty acid,Polyether,Shampoo,Detergent

Due to the Chemicals liquid's corrosivity, Our Chem Flexitank use the special PE Film,Valve with anti-corrosive to guarantee more safe and stable during the transportation.

Till now,We supplied Flexianks and service to SinoPec,Unilever,Samsung Chem,LG and Jimho.

Applications:Plasticizer,Latex,Polyether,Propylene glycol,Polyols, Shampoo,Degergent,Brightener,Fertilizer,Ink,Base Oil,Lubricating Oil,White Oil,Hydraulic Oil...



        Wine Flexitank(High-barrier)

Red wine,Juice,Medicines

The Wine Flexitank is a system specially designed for bulk wine transportation.Compared with traditional flexitank, it enjoys the superior performance in oxygen resistance, high standard hygiene and enduring security for the wine quality.

Barrier:OTR<0.40cc/m²/24 hrs 23 °C 50%R.H.
Application:Red wine, Juice and other require high barrier for Oxygen.

High-Temp Flexitank

To loading high temperature Liquid,We use the modified PE Film with the high-temp resistant during transportation. The Flexitank can be loaded 60℃ to 90 ℃.

Techinical Date: 
1. Volume:15000~24000L
2. Temperature resistant: 60℃~90℃.


Application:Liquid bitumen, paraffin, Chemicals with high temperature.

Special S-Flexitank

Special S-Flexitank

The Special Flexitank can be used in special Container,Reefer Container,Truck, Wagon and Storage water using.Which more avalible,economic and flexible using for land transportation.

Technical Date
1. Volume:5000~24000L
2. Temperature resistant: -20~60℃.

Construction:Flexitank system plus PP Belts.


Truck Flexitank

Truck Flexitank

With own patent for design and manufacturing Truck Flexitank(T-Flex), Specialized for LAND transportation, using in TRUCK as protective carriers to load and transport big volume BULK non-hazardous LIQUID. We can manufacture 12000L~24000L capacity T-Flexitank according to the unique TRUCK and loading volume requirements.The T-Flexi bulk liquid transportation is lower cost and convenient to meet the request transportation of customers in inland areas for a BULK volume and CONTAINERIZATION logistic to solution of NOT EASY choosing CONTAINER or ISO TANK and high logistic costs.




Special S-Flexitank

Special S-Flexitank
Anthente held a patent on Reefers Container Flexitank, Reefer Flexitank is a flexitank designed for transportation of products that require temperature controlled environments. it is made for the special structure of reefers Container, suitable for the installation of 20/40 feet Reefer Container, by using the reefers constant temperature function, to achieve a new type of flexible packaging for the bulk transportation of non-dangerous liquid product that need to keep fresh.
The Reefer Flexitank allows you to avoid transpotation costs associated with high-cost packaging materials. The loading and discharge operations are much faster and require less labor.
Capacity: 12,000L-24,000L 
Outer bag:High strength Abrasion Resistance Polypropylene (PP) Woven Fabric + PP Woven Reinforcement
Inner bag: Special Low Temperature Resistant Multi-layer Co-extruded Polyethylene (PE) Film
Application: Red Wine, Edible oil, Fruit juice and other liquid products that need temperature controlled environments


Flexitank Technical Date

2、Types:A. TOP loading and Discharging
                     B. TOP Loading and BOTTOM Discharging
                     C. BOTTOM Loading and Discharging
3、Flexibag Body:3~4 layer PE Film, 1 layer outer PP Tubular Woven.
4、Valve:3' inch Valve(screw or welding)
     A)Bulkhead:High-strength Paper Board or PVC Board
     B)Protection:Corrugated paper Liner or PE Woven Liner
     C)Steel:5pcs 50x50x2403mm
6、Optional Components:Heating Pad and Air Vent

Flexitank Advantages

      1) Comparing with ISO Tank,no need the clean cost and returning empty Tank cost.
      2) Loading capacity to 24000L,more 30% than the Drum/ISO Tank.

      3) Saving about 50% package cost per 20ft Container.
2、Easily installing and handling:
      Saving the labor cost and high efficiency.
3、Environment friendly:
      The main materials PE Film,PP Woven and Paper Board can be recycling
4、Safe and reliable: 
      We are COA Quality Compliance(CQC) with the following certification:
      1) ISO9001 certificate.

     2) Passed the COA Rail Impact Testing by AAR 
      3)  ISO140001 certificate
      4) COA audit for Materials testing.
COA audit for Installation,Operating and Training Instruction.

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