Anthente,who are specialized in designing and manufacturing more than 60 types SeaBulk Liner since from 2005.We Holding more than 20 patents design and supply to many industries,like Chemical, Food, Agriculture and Mining etc.
     We have owned plant to guarantee the quality and delivery time.We have approval by ISO9001,FSSC22000,HACCP, ISO140001 and QS (China) certificate.With good quality and reasonable price,We have supply and serve to several global Top 500 Enterprise.Like Exxonmobil,Formosa,BP,Indorama,Shell,Unilever,HANWHA,TOTAL,Willmar ect.
     Container Liner provide a clean, dry and protective shield between the product and the floor and walls of the Container(20ft,30ft,40ft).which is designed to fill and transport the free-flowing bulk products.Such as PTA,PET,PP/PE,PC,Alumina,Sugar,Flour,Starch etc...


    Standard Container Liner


Depending on Cargo's feature,Loading and Discharging Facility,We can design and produce the custom-made Container Liner.And provide a solution for Bulk Liner and transportation.

Liner Body:PE Film,PP/PE Woven,Aluminium Film

Application Products:
PTA,PP,PE,PET,PC,PBT,PA66,PAM,PVC, Catalyst,Carbon Black,Alumina,Fertilizer...

Agricultures and Foods: Grain(flour,wheat,malt,


   PE Container Liner


To meet high-request for clean and sanitary and water-proof product,The PE Liner is heat sealing completely to guarantee 100% leak-proof and keep clean and safe to protect the Cargo inside.

Till now,We supply our PE Seabulk Liner to BP, Indorama,Hanwha,Hengli,Cargill,Willmar...

Chemicals: PET,PBT,PC,PP,PE,PTA,PVC,PS,PAM, Carbon Black, Alumina,Catalyst...
Foods: Flour,Sugar,Salt,Milk,Coffee bean,Malt,Rice, Soybean,Feeds...



    PP/PE Woven SeaBulk Liner


Woven Liner is a high-strength and wear resisting to load the chips,pelltes and other granule Cargo. With a simple and price-effective,This Liner are wildly used to load grain(malt,corn,soybean, coffee bean).

Anthente,we produced PP/PE Fabric ourselves to guarantee the quality and delivery time,more competitive price.
Application products:
Chemicals:PP,PE,PET,PBT,PC,PA66,PA66,PS resin.
Foods: Malt,corn,wheat,soybean,coffee bean,feed.

Fluidzing Container Liner

Flour,Starch,Coal ash,Cement...

The Fluidizing Liner design mainly to improve the bulk hard-to-flow Cargo discharge down from the Container Liner.Which equipped the fluidizing air system at the full bottom floor of Fluidzing Liner by Anthente,s owned patent. 

Application Products
Flour,Starch,PIA,Alumina,Coal ash,Cements and others.

Single-Bar SeaBulk Liner

PP,PE,PC,Malt,Feed,Corn,Wheat,Soybean,Coffee bean

Owning patents by Anthente,which provide a lower cost and more effienct for operation and packaging for dry bulk granule products,like plastic/resin,grain...Which only need one Steel-Bar at the Doorway Bulkhead and save 3~4 Bars per SeaBulk Liner.

Construction: Special design and strong pulling strength to keep safe for loading and discharging.

Application Products: 
coffe bean.malt,

Zipper Container Liner

Soybean,Cocoa bean,Nuts,Corn,Feeds...

According to the conveyor loading and agriculture grain(malt,wheat,corn,soybean,rice),Which it can choose the Zipper Container Liner to increase the loading and discharging efficiency.        

Application Products
Soybean,Coffee bean,Malt,Feed,Corn,Cocoa bean,  Nuts,Wheat,Seeds.





Other design Bulk Liner

Others Container Liner

Thermal Liner(ETL)

Top Filling Bulk Liner

Bar-less SeaBulk Liner

Contaminate Bulk Liner


Loading and Unloading Handling

Loading and Unloading Handing

1. Loading Handling(Equipment):

  1) Pumping/Pneumatic system.

  2) Belt Thrower.  
  3) Gravity(tilt the Container)
  4) belt/Chain Conveyor.
2. Unloading by tilt(Equipment):
   1) Receiving rotary air valve+pneumatic
   2) Suction lance + Pressure
   3) Gravity dump
   4) Receiving bin + pneumatic pipe  
   5) Receiving bin + take-away belt/screw conveyor




1. Liner Body: 
  1) Size: suitable for 20ft, 40ft, 30ft, 45ft Container or Wagon.
  2) Materials: PE Film,PP/PE Woven, Aluminium Film, PLA Film

2. Bulkhead System: 
   1) Size: custom-made to reinforcement and protection
   2) Materials: PP Woven,PE Film,Paper board.

3. Hanger System: Disk/Tab+Bungee code Loop
4. Loading and unloading Sleeve: Square or Circle
5. Bottom Bar Pocket: Security for tilting Container

Application Products:

1. Chemical Products:PP,PE,PTA,PC,PAT,PET,PVC,ABS,PBT,Nylon resin,Alumina Fertilizer,Soda powder,Carbon black,Polymer,Cement,Coal Ash...
2. Agriculture and Food productsSugar,Flour,Soybeans, Coffee beans, Barley/Malt,Wheat,Corn,Cocoa,Animal Feed, Peanuts,Beans,Nuts,Peas,Rice,Salt,Seed,Starch...

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